Paper Research Materials Inc.

The Original Britt Jar Unit

The Britt Dynamic Drainage Jar has been the industry standard for measurement of retention, drainage, and pulp fines fraction for over 35 years.

Developed by John Unbehend and Ken Britt, it is the universally recognized means of analyzing wet end chemistry on the wet end of a paper machine.

Its ease of operation and portability makes it ideal for assessing the effectiveness of retention aids, drainage aids, and fines retention, retention of pigments, fillers, dyes, size, and wet end additives in the paper mill or research lab.

Basic and applied research showing the utility of the Britt Jar led to Paper Research Materials developing Tappi Standard T-261 and to its recognition as the standard device for analysis of wet end operations.

Reliability, clean design, durability and proven track record make the Britt Jar the choice of sales personnel and research scientists across the pulp and paper industry.